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    Our laboratory is mainly focused in two main research fields: Polarization engineering implementations and Optomechatronics. By fundamental research on polarization, Stokes and Mueller sensing techniques, we are interested in engineering implementations related to obtain high speed, high accuracy or spatial distribution measurements. In relation with the Optomechatronics implementations, works has been developed related to light driving actuators/manipulators, interferometry and non-contact shape measurement techniques.  
        Aims and Objectives
     High Accuracy Polarization Measurement
       Nano-structure evaluation
       ・Mueller Matrix Polarimeter(Reflection/Transmission) and the Boundary Element Method Simulation Approach.
       AxoScan - Mueller Matrix Polarimeter
Spectral measurement(400~800nm),Out of plane measurement(55°) and Spatial distribution(200×200mm)
         Weak Scattered Light Stokes Polarimeter
 Developing a high dynamic range detection system
(~10 digits)
Mesurement capability less than
     High Spatial Resolution Polarization Measurement 
       Near Field Probe Polarimeter
       Polarimeter with a spatial resolution of about 100nm
       Achromatic Axially Symmetric Wave Plate
     High Speed Polarization Measurement
       High-Speed Polarization Imaging Polarimeter Camera
      Bio Imaging Polarization Properties
         Chlorophyll allocation tracking
        Mouse tendon
       Scattering Polarization Imaging
     360°Polarization measurement of the scattered light 

     Single Shot Measurement using Polarization Phase Shifting Techniques
       Dynamic Temperature Field Measurement
       Single Shot Interferometer based in Two Interferograms
       Single Line Profilometry
       Uni-Axially Shape Measurement based in Defocus Method
       Optical Fiber Retention          Walking Probe based on PVDF Actuator
       Droplet Manipulation by Light
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